Addiction Treatment Services

Medically Supervised Methadone Maintenance

We strive to provide the best care possible while keeping an emphasis on superior customer service.  Each and every patient is important to the center and we will make every effort to provide a quality service while upholding our high standards of care.

We provide professionally supervised Methadone/Suboxone maintenance and medical withdrawal as a licensed Narcotic Treatment Program. As such, MedPro Treatment Centers provides comprehensive rehabilitation services for persons who are dependent on narcotics.

Our Services Include:

  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Medical and psychiatric evaluation and referrals
  • Individual, group, and specialized counseling
  • Case management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Comprehensive coordination of care among other providers.

Remember, Methadone/Suboxone is not the treatment. Methadone/Suboxone is used only as a tool in the patient’s recovery process. The ultimate goal of treatment at MedPro Treatment Centers is for the patient to live a happy and drug-free lifestyle through appropriate substance abuse counseling.

Additional Treatment Services:

  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Urine Drug Screens
  • Physical Examinations
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Blood Analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Transition Planning

About MedPro Treatment Centers

Stepping into a methadone or Suboxone clinic can be scary. Whether you have had negative experiences at other opioid treatment centers or you have avoided them altogether because of fear of judgement, we understand that taking the first step to recovery can be a difficult one. 

At MedPro Treatment Centers, we want to help you start living again in a safe, discreet, and compassionate environment with medication assisted treatment. By combining counseling and behavioral therapies with regulated dosage treatment, you will be given the coping and life skills needed for a successful recovery.

All of our patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We want to contradict the stigma of a methadone and suboxone clinic, so you won’t find sterile, unwelcoming halls or an uncaring staff. 

When you step through the doors of MedPro Treatment Centers, you’ll be met with comfortable leather chairs, real hardwood floors, and even toys for children to play with while they wait. Our dedicated staff will work collaboratively with you and your family to create the best recovery plan for you.

You’re worthy of a respected opioid treatment program where you’re more than just a number on a chart.

Welcome to MedPro Treatment Centers.

What’s Methadone?

Methadone is a narcotic medication used for patients in active withdrawal to block opioid receptors and avoid withdrawal symptoms and cravings from heroin and other opioids. 

What’s Suboxone?

A prescription medication, Suboxone is only used for patients who do not have opiates in their system. It will alleviate cravings and withdrawal and stabilize opioid receptors. 

Why Methadone and Suboxone Aren’t the Cure 

Life does not get better just because you quit using opioids.

When you are admitted to a medication assisted treatment program, you first have to be stabilized on a therapeutic dosage and then work to stabilize the other areas of your life. 

If you ignore the therapy portion of recovery, life is likely to get worse because you’ve quit a habit that you don’t know how to replace in a healthy way.

Medication assisted therapy removes the physical withdrawal symptoms so you can focus on your therapy and establish healthy coping mechanisms. 

A complete medication-assisted treatment program is the cure to learning how to manage your life. It’s not about willpower. It’s about skill power. 

What Is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication assisted treatment is a combination of behavioral therapies, counseling, and physician administered drug therapies regulated by the FDA. 

Instead of treating a single issue—opioid abuse—medication assisted treatment allows us to treat the mind, body, and spirit of our patients. This holistic approach not only increases the chance of recovery, but it allows us to map out treatments that are patient specific because no two addiction stories are identical. 

How Does Medication for Addiction Treatment Work? How Long Is It Effective?

Methadone and Suboxone are used as one part of a medication assisted treatment program. 

Dosages for methadone will take place daily at our clinic until it is approved for patients to dose at home. Once you have reached a therapeutic level with your methadone — a stage where your medication is effective without causing harm to your body and recovery — your dosage will not be increased. 

Suboxone is available to take home in 30-day increments, and it is recommended that a trusted friend or family member monitors the medication with the patient.

You will feel some side effects when starting treatment, such as nausea, vomiting, and/or drowsiness. However, these reactions are mild compared to removing opioids from your system on your own. 

As long as you are consistent with your dosages and counseling, the medication will be effective. 

Our Step-by-Step Process for Helping Patients

Screening and Admission 

You’re ready to take the next step in your recovery, so what’s next? When you arrive at MedPro Treatment Centers, we want to ensure that not only are you a right fit for our program, but that we are a match for you.

We will start with a copy of your ID and a drug screen.

Then you will have a meeting with a counselor who will look at your using history and environmental factors. From there a member from our nursing staff will review your medical history, and then you will have a consultation from a doctor to determine if your eligible.

Once you’re approved for treatment, you will have a:

  • Physical
  • Full blood work-up
  • TB test
  • Dosage the same day
  • Required training video to watch about the program

New Patient Forms 

We are happy to provide new patient forms when you arrive at the clinic, but it is also helpful to have them filled out beforehand to speed up the process. You can download and print your new patient forms here.

Methods of Payment 

While most methadone and Suboxone treatment centers are cash-only or have severe restrictions, we have four different payment methods, including funding for the uninsured. 

Accepted payment for treatment includes:

  • Cash 
  • Credit Card
  • State Funding
  • Medicaid

If using Medicaid, please bring your insurance card on your initial visit.

To apply for state funding, we will personally walk you through the process to determine eligibility. We highly recommend patients who do not have insurance or the ability to pay out-of-pocket to submit an application for state funding.

Individual and Group Counseling

At MedPro Treatment Centers, it is required that you participate in counseling throughout the entire program. Counseling begins at intake with your initial meeting, and your assigned counselor will work with you to create the best plan for your recovery.

To start your opioid treatment program positively, it is important to establish a rapport with your counselor and fellow patients. 

You will immediately start group counseling with sessions available at 6:00 am and 9:00 am. Peer support is vital to recovery. With this participation, you will not only know you are not alone, but you can start to build healthy sober relationships.

Tapering Off of Medication 

The decision to taper off of methadone or Suboxone is serious and made by you and your counselor, nursing staff, and doctor. 

It is a slow and lengthy process and constantly assessed by our staff to protect your recovery. 

When you taper off of your methadone or Suboxone medication, it is meant to be permanent. Some patients may believe they can taper more quickly than recommended, but it is not worth it to accelerate the process and risk your sobriety. 

After you are fully tapered, individual and group counseling is available to you for up to a year. Especially in the first year of recovery these counseling sessions are a good reminder of where you came from and all the work you’ve done.