Informed Consent and Proactive Treatment Planning

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On-staff Medical TeamProviding the best customer service available is also part of the foundation of all areas of treatment at MedPro Treatment Centers.  The staff at MedPro Treatment Centers strives to accommodate all of the needs of each patient with courteousness and professionalism.

The Treatment Team, Including the Medical Director, the Clinical Director, and the Counselors, work with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan based on the strengths, abilities, needs, and preferences of each patient.

An important part of treatment planning is to provide the patient with the means to operate in an informed, self-directed, and independent manner.

Narcotic replacement therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for narcotic dependence. Withdrawal from maintenance treatment is neither mandatory nor indicated in every case. A patient may remain in treatment for as long as clinically indicated provided that he or she is in compliance with facility rules and regulations. Conversely, a patient may request a medically supervised withdrawal from narcotics. In either case, the ultimate goal of treatment is the restoration of a functioning life. This goal is achieved through individualized treatment and discharge planning.

Remember, Methadone/Suboxone is not the treatment; Methadone/Suboxone is used only as a tool in the patient’s recovery process. The ultimate goal of treatment at is for the patient to live a happy and drug-free lifestyle through appropriate substance abuse counseling.

In addition to issues of dependency, many patients have other psychosocial, emotional, occupational, and educational needs that must be addressed in order for treatment to be effective. MedPro Treatment Centers staff is also well equipped to address the issues of co-occurring patients. Our philosophy reflects a commitment to provide stabilization, restoration, and maintenance of a functioning life as well as withdrawal symptom reduction.

MedPro Treatment Centers offers many services designed to facilitate positive change in the lives of our patients. MedPro Treatment Centers treatment philosophy is firmly based in counseling theory which embraces the idea that our patients ultimately decide “how well to be”. We can neither force recovery nor dictate the extent to which a patient “improves”. Those decisions are for the patient to make with the support of the treatment team.