Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction Treatment

Reliable information about addiction treatment

Can Methadone/Suboxone hurt your health?
The most important consequence of Methadone/Suboxone therapy, in fact, is the marked improvement in general health and nutritional status.

Can Methadone/Suboxone cause long-term liver damage?
The liver easily metabolizes methadone/Suboxone. People with liver problems, including hepatitis, can safely take methadone with appropriate medical supervision.

Is Methadone/Suboxone harder to “kick” than heroin or other forms of opiates?
Methadone/Suboxone is designed to be tapered off of. Due to the fact that methadone is long-lasting withdrawal symptoms may last longer but are milder than “cold-turkey” withdrawal. Medically supervised withdrawal is the safest and effective form of detoxification.

Does Methadone/Suboxone ruin your teeth and bones?
Methadone/Suboxone does not ruin your teeth or bones. Aches and pains that are experienced may be a result of mild withdrawal symptoms, the natural process of aging and/or past physical neglect.

Is this an inpatient or outpatient clinic?
Medpro Treatment Centers is an outpatient program.

Will I be able to keep up with my daily activities?
Yes. A benefit of an outpatient clinic is that we want to make your treatment program an easy integration into your life. Unlike an inhouse program, our patients are able to still go to work, pick their kids up from school and keep up with additional daily responsibilities.

How often am I required to come in for treatment?
Patients are required to come in for their doses every day. Only after trust and accountability has been established may patients possibly be eligible for take-home doses.

Why do I need to use medication to get off of opioids?
Medication assisted therapy not only addresses the root causes of addiction, but reduces chances of relapse and overdose. Withdrawals and cravings can be so intense for patients who attempt a plan of abstinence alone that they’re unable to focus on holistic healing.

Is medication assisted therapy safe?
Yes. Medication assisted therapy is comprised of licensed doctors, nurses and counselors with medication that is federally monitored. 

Can I get addicted to the medications I’m treated with?
When you receive your doses at MedPro Treatment Centers, you will start on a small amount of medication with gradual increases to a therapeutic level. This level will allow you to be medically treated for addiction without the euphoric effect. While receiving medication assisted treatment, you will be monitored closely by your doctor, nurses and counselors with your medication being adjusted if needed.

Am I able to take other medications while in treatment?
Any medications, including vitamins and supplements, must be approved by your doctor for the duration of treatment. 

What are the side effects of methadone and suboxone?
Side effects for methadone and suboxone can vary between patients. Most people find that the side effects are minimal and much easier to manage than withdrawing on their own. However common side effects for these medications can include:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Low libido

Won’t medication assisted therapy make it easier for me to relapse?
When used correctly and with the support of staff and outside support systems, opioid replacement therapy will work to correct the emotional and physical triggers that led to addiction. By addressing more than just “the drugs”, you will leave treatment with life and coping skills as well as a relapse prevention plan.

How long will my treatment program last?
Every patient’s recovery plan is tailored to their exact needs. However, it is recommended for patients to stay in treatment for at least one year.

Do I have to go to counseling to receive treatment?
Counseling is required to be accepted to the addiction programs at MedPro Treatment Centers and begins on the first day.

What types of therapy or counseling do you use?
Treatment plans for patients are tailored for their specific recovery and include:

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

How do you protect my privacy?
When you become a patient at MedPro, you will be assigned a patient number that will be used to maintain your privacy.

Will you be able to treat me if I’m pregnant?
Yes! Pregnant women are considered a priority population. You will be monitored closely by the physician, nurse, and counselor. Methadone is the best alternative to illicit drug use when pregnant.

I can’t pay with cash or credit. Do you accept insurance or other forms of payment?
We accept Medicaid and can help patients apply for state funding if needed.

Do I really need a support system for recovery?
Support systems are essential for addiction recovery and reduce the chances of relapse, depression, and anxiety. Recovery from addiction be emotionally and physically taxing, so it’s vital to have trusted people around you. Group support can be found in family members, church, 12-step programs, and even people with similar interests or hobbies.