Why Your Loved One Needs Family Support During Medication Assisted Treatment

Getting sober can be the hardest thing your loved one will ever do. It’s common for family members to just want their loved one “fixed”, but it’s not that simple. Even if you’re not the one dependent on a substance, addiction is a family problem. Without knowing it, you have adjusted your life based [...]

How To Help An Addict Who Doesn’t Want Help

The last thing you want to see is your loved one hurting, especially if they’re struggling with drug addiction. It’s human instinct to want to help. But what do you do when an addict you love doesn’t want help?  You may have searched for hours on the internet about what to do, but came [...]

Loving An Addict: How to Be Supportive and Keep Yourself Healthy

Addiction is often described as a family disorder because it shapes how a family unit functions and how family members interact with one another.  Acknowledging that you love an opioid addict is similar to the stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. But it’s important to know that these stages aren’t necessarily [...]

What Every Family Should Know About Methadone Side Effects

Are you considering Methadone for opioid treatment? Methadone has had a negative stigma for decades, but it has produced positive results for many in recovery.  You may have heard that Methadone is the same thing as heroin, but it is not.  You may be afraid of becoming addicted to Methadone, but methadone is much [...]

Signs of Heroin Use: How To Know If A Loved One Is Addicted

Most people don’t know what the signs of heroin use are, unless they’ve been in this situation before. Often times, family members or close friends will first search on the internet for signs of heroin use because they don’t know what it looks like.  Friends and family who are unsure if their loved one [...]

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